The Company

SARIE is the glossy magazine of choice for the Afrikaans-speaking woman with a modern view of the world. We tell typical South African stories that keep her feeling good about herself and her world.

The Website

The 12 week running weight-loss program is targeted towards SARIE’s existing readership, in particular those looking to lose weight through a 12 week running program. It makes use of the LSX health & fitness plugin and LSX theme, and utilizes WooCommerce to handle the sales of memberships and restricting access.


At the early stages of the project LightSpeed provided concepts for the logo and helped the SARIE team to define and gather the content required. After getting the logo approved we hit the ground running with full scale mock-ups. We worked closely with the client to ensure the colours and imagery were on brand. After sign-off on design we completed any custom development before handing over to the client for content loading and testing.  

Our client was chuffed with this one, so naturally we were to!




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