Who is Simple Books?

Simple Books provides their clients with tailored solutions for all their Bookkeeping needs. From handling Payrolls to Training and Support on their account software.
When Simple Books first approached us, they envisioned a website that encompassed the core values of the business; boasting their commitment to efficient, professional accounting solutions.

Design and Development

Simple Books had already worked with a designer to come up with extremely detailed and well thought out designs for the main services pages.  LightSpeed converted the designs to clean, sophisticated webpages that delivered the required functionality.

How it was achieved

Simple Books required an online store for their Bookkeeping services, as well as a form to handle their payroll quoting functionality.
The aim was for the user to do as little work as possible when signing up to use Simple Books payroll services.
The customer needed to have the ability to choose their required payroll services from the options in the form, and once a price is generated based on their choices, they will have the option to pay for the services.
This meant no need for constant communication between Simple Books and the customer to confirm their requirements and pay for the service.
We could immediately see that the LSX Theme was the right choice. We developed the LSX theme to be compatible with WooCommerce, this gave us the foundations we needed to get the site meeting expectation.
In order to achieve the functionality we required for the Payroll form, we made use of Gravity Forms, and one of its latest and greatest extensions – Gravity Perks.
The Gravity Perks Conditional Pricing extension was the answer to the question “How are we going to turn a form submission into a product that is priced according to the customers form input?”
The conditional pricing extension gave us the ability to make calculations in a normal gravity form based on the users’ input, it then allowed us to turn the form submission into a “Add to Cart” button, which created the customers’ payroll quote for them.  The customer is notified of the quote and then Simple Books sends a formal offering for the customer to accept.
The LSX theme and a few of its extensions, namely LSX Banners, LSX Sharing and LSX Customizer took care of a chunk of the work on the WooCommerce side, and once we had taken care of the gravity forms functionality required to achieve the Payroll form, we were all set to develop the static pages.
Like all good websites, Simple Books wanted to give more info to their customers, and so a range of static pages was built outlining their product offers and their overall company.
These pages were styled according to the clean and sharp designs, and thanks to the LSX theme being such a powerhouse, the responsiveness and layout was a breeze.

Project Conclusion

This project was a great example of what can be achieved with the LSX theme and its extensions.
From the functionality of LSX Banners allowing for the stunning hero sized banner images that make every page an eye-catcher, to the LSX Customizer enhancing the WooCommerce store, giving us the ability to match the client’s vision without too much custom code.
This keeps the site running fast and efficiently, quite a good reflection of the Simple Books.

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