The Company

GO! is an outdoor and travel magazine. Published monthly, the magazine covers a wide range of travel and outdoor lifestyle topics and is part of the Media24 group. Photography is a central pillar of the publication and as such they wanted to create a website that offered an e-learning and online training course for digital photography.

The Challenge

We needed to build an e-learning website which would give users an introduction to digital photography as well as offer slightly more advanced insights into the technical aspects of taking and managing post production of professional digital photographs.

The Solution

We used the Sensei learner management solution, combined with WooCommerce, and built the site with the Storefront theme. The Storefront theme was compatible with Sensei LMS and WooCommerce out the box, so we focused on showcasing the imagery on the homepage and creating a simple solution for the client so that they could manage and upload their own content.

The course consists of 6 modules with connected lessons relating to the each module. After each lesson, users are presented with a quiz. In order to progress to the next lesson, users must complete and pass each quiz with a pass mark of 50%.

When users complete and pass the course they are presented with a certificate of completion. The client provided a design for this, which we then integrated into the Sensei Learning Management System.

Due to there being only one product (the photography course), the Cart phase of the checkout was skipped. The product is added to the cart when users click to sign up, and they are directed straight to checkout for payment.

We also made use of the WooCommerce Social Login extension, allowing users to log in with Facebook, Google or Twitter.

The Result

Thanks to the power of the Storefront Theme and the WooCommerce and Sensei plugins, we were able to build this fully-fledged learning platform which allowed the client to focus on creating, managing and uploading their own course, lesson and quiz content.

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