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LightSpeed revitalized The Safari Partners’ website with their LSX Theme and Wetu integration, offering a modern, user-friendly interface for an expanded travel portfolio.

The Challenge

Since LightSpeed first built the company website in 2015, since then the company’s offerings had expanded. Added to this, the global pandemic’s effect on the travel and hospitality sectors meant that when travel resumed in 2022, a website refresh was required to incorporate the company’s current range of tour itinerary offerings, in combination with a logo and branding redesign. Providing a full-service offering meant that the updated version of the company website would need to guide the user through a wide selection of options, based on a country, region, or specific interest.

The Solution

We built the website using our own LSX Theme & Tour Operator plugin. We imported accommodation and tours content from the Wetu Content System using a WordPress Tour Importer created by LightSpeed that integrates with Wetu. Using Wetu, the company owner is now able to manage all his tour, accommodation and destination content within the Wetu system and import all content into the website in a simple, easy-to-use manner.

With Tours being the primary reason for users to visit the site, and with the majority of visitors making use of tablets, there was a need for both Scheduled Tours and Tailored Tours to be optimised. This was achieved by optimising Tours for both phones and tablets, with these swiping left and right to display various Tour itinerary info. Lastly, to implement the required Specials functionality, the Tour Operator Specials plugin was used, and LightSpeed created training documentation that provided the clients’ team with guidance on how to easily load new specials and other website content.

The result of this significant redevelopment was a beautifully redesigned website that  features new, up-to-date content and guides users to find safari packages using  search and filter functionalities that are easy to understand, and look great. 

What did our client say?

“Thank you to the LightSpeed team for all your work! I am very proud of all the work you have all done to make our new website both modern and engaging!”

by Chris Ronneseth,
Owner of The Safari Partners

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