The Solution

Tracks4Africa shop sells navigable maps in digital formats that are available as physical SD Cards or a subscription that offers access to digital downloads. LightSpeed built an eCommerce website powered by WooCommerce, customised with custom features to allow product registration using a unique serial number and product key. Product registration data is stored and used to update a customers’ discount status based on their purchasing and registration history. We migrated all their data from a legacy online shop into a modern WordPress and WooCommerce solution.

Data Migration

  • 50,000 + users
  • 28,000 + orders
  • 21,000 + subscriptions
  • 90,000 + product registrations

Design and Development

We designed and developed a custom theme, built using our in house WordPress theme that is purpose built for speed, security and stability. Other custom content management features include:

  • A post type dedicated to their product documentation that is both easy to manage from an admin perspective, whilst offering brilliant navigation for the user to find and read documentation.
  • A post type dedicated to listing retailers that stock and sell Tracks4Africa products.



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