The Company

Tranq it Easy offers the fastest and most convenient way to get to the San Bernardo Islands in Colombia, with 600 horsepower motorboats bringing you safely to your hostel. The San Bernardo islands is a set of nine beautiful coastal coral islands and one artificial, unique island “Santa Cruz del Islote”. The archipelago belongs to the Rosario and San Bernardo Corals National Park.

The Challenge

The user experience

To build a booking system using WooCommerce and the Bookings extension that guides their passengers through a step by step booking experience that is easy to understand and follow. Tranq it Easy requires passengers enter personal information that is vital to successfully running their service. The name, passport number, email address and hostil for every passenger travelling with the group is taken during the checkout flow and associated with each booking. If you are travelling towards the Islands a national park fee needs to be applied for each passenger that is part of the booking, but not when travelling back to mainland. In addition, emails need to be sent to every passenger, not only the person responsible for making the booking.

The admin experience

Above and beyond the already great functionality in WooCommerce and the Bookings extension, The management at Tranq it Easy needed to see a booking with all of the information captured during the booking process. They also needed to export a manifest of the passengers travelling on a day that is useful when checking passengers in.

The Solution

The solution was built on the LSX Theme, using LSX Blocks for building pages and LSX Customiser for styling.

We created two bookable products, one to the islands and one back to the mainland port. Displaying the 2 products in a traditional products landing page would fall short and rely on the customer to know that a return trip would require them to add both products to the cart. You could add more products for return trips to and from the island, but that poses problems with managing the available seats on each boat. Instead, the booking maker is guided through a step by step booking wizard that makes it easy to book one way or return.

  • The homepage asks the user if they would like to travel to or from the islands. That choice redirects them to the first step, which is one of bookable products as you’d normally expect, but the quantity selector is the amount of passengers they are booking for. From there a few things are customised.
  • The add to cart button becomes a “Book one way” button, but we added an additional “Book Return” button. Both buttons add the booking to the cart. The former takes the user further along the process, the latter takes the user to the other bookable product before they advance to the cart and checkout.
  • We added an additional step just before the cart where the user enters per passenger information, their names, email addresses, passport numbers and the hostels they have booked into. This is a completely custom solution that listens for the booking quantity and displays the correct number of passenger fields.
  • The cart was customised to display the passenger information for review and makes it possible to edit the information if there was a mistake.
  • Checkout is pretty much standard as well, apart from the passenger info displaying as well, with a link to fix any mistakes.
  • From there the user can pay using any online payment method configured in WooCommerce.
  • We are using the Follow Up Email extension as well, which has a built in trigger for bookable products with time delays that allow sending email after a booking is made, but also before the actual booking date and time. All that was missing is a way to send those emails to the passengers as well, so we added an option to allow for that. What’s clever about this is that Tranq it Easy is able to build all manner of reminders using functionality already in the Follow Ups extension without needing further development.

From an admin perspective, the custom development for taking passenger information was added to the place where individual bookings are managed. We inserted a custom table that displays all the passenger information associated with the booking. In terms of exporting the passenger information for a day, we found a robust booking exporter on Code Canyon, since the Bookings extension does not have it by default. We then customised the extension to include the passenger information as well.



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