As a leading web hosting company, xneelo provides web hosting solutions to the Southern African market with associated hosting products such as colocation hosting and root server hosting.

Services rendered:

The Challenge

After recently completing the launch of their new website, we were tasked to improve the Website and Mobile Load speed and Website Core vital improvements. The Goal was initially to improve the SEO, Llightpeed jumped at the opportunity to ensure the hosting an website loaded fast fr both SEO and client retention.

As we initially created 3 Micro site for xneelo, we realised the Mobile Vitals were poor:
Desktop Grade: 32/100
Mobile Grade: 28/100

The Solution

The LightSpeed team proceeded with Front end and server optimisation strategies including:

  1. Image compression & next-gen image formats – WebP and AVIF provide better compression than PNG or JPEG
  2. Lazy-loading offscreen and hidden images
  3. Minify CSS & JS where possible
  4. Reduce unused JavaScript
  5. Reduce the impact of third-party code
  6. Removed Google Fonts and included fonts within theme

With all the updates being completed, we saw a great increase in Page load and overall perfromace score:

Mobile: 95/100
Desktop: 100/100

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