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LSX is a free WordPress theme that allows users to create fast, efficient and feature-rich websites. Based on Underscores by Automattic and Twitter Bootstrap, the responsive theme is sure to display perfectly on all devices. Its lightweight build ensures better load times, a bonus for both user experience and search engine optimization.

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Version: 1.8.7
Last Updated: 2017-06-08

Product Description

A minimalistic WordPress Theme that creates fast, efficient websites.

LSX is a WordPress Theme Framework that LightSpeed started building with Underscores (by Automattic) and Roots as an inspiration.

With these two themes as inspiration, we were able to build a framework that provides the mere essentials for a light and efficient WordPress website.


Spend your valuable time where it’s most needed. With LSX you won’t need to spend time removing unnecessary features.


LSX is a minimal WordPress Theme Framework that will help you to create lighter sites with better loading times, improving user experience and SEO.

Highly Customisable

LSX leaves the design mostly up to you. Build onto a Framework that allows you to start with a clean slate with child themes suited to your needs.


LSX was created using Twitter Bootstrap that allows you to take advantage of its already built-in responsiveness, ensuring your site displays properly on devices of all sizes.

Theme Documentation

Our documentation provides all the necessary details about LSX. Visit the Documentation page for more information.

Live Theme Customizer

Customize colors, fonts and more while using the WordPress Live Customizer. LSX provides powerful options that puts control in your hands.

Custom Branding

Spice up your theme and make it your own. Configure settings for infinite scrolling, related posts, site logo, social sharing, portfolio pieces and more.

Widgetized Home Template

Build your homepage by configuring a few widgets, dragging and dropping elements as you see fit. LSX comes with built-in widgets and supports the Soliloquy Slider plugin.

Download the LSX Theme at

LSX Theme Review

The LSX Theme was professionally reviewed by ThemeReview.Co’s Emil Uzlec and Justin Tadlock who combed every line of code and submitted their feedback via the github issues system.

The LightSpeed team benefited from Emil & Justin’s insightful feedback, finding issues that few would have noticed. Their combined experience provided invaluable feedback that helped us submit a quality release!

You can download the LSX theme via the backend of WordPress or you can grab the development version from github. In addition, LSX was sent to WPML for review and we have since been added to their list of compatible themes which is awesome!

The LSX documentation has been published to provide tips on how to make the best use of your LSX powered website. Many of the websites in our portfolio were built using the LSX theme and a custom child theme.

What are you waiting for?

We encourage you to download LSX, have a look inside and consider using it for your next project. We hope you find as much of a joy to work with it, as we enjoyed getting it to you! And, if you do, please rate it, we really look forward to hearing what you have to say.


LSX at
LSX Documentation
LSX Portfolio
LSX Theme Review
LSX on GitHub
WPML Theme Listing


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