The first scriptures for the Buddhist religion were written 500 years after the death of the one known as “Buddha”. Before the creation of these works, the entire religion grew by word of mouth. The stories of Buddha’s life spread through parts of Asia with the speed of a funny cat video on youtube.

Storytelling is a powerful method for exchanging information. Even if the information is important, it is uncommon for people to give a topic their full attention if the content is, well…boring.

How would Storytelling help promote my Tour Operator Business?

The “they are trying to sell me something” mindset that consumers often have can greatly affect the interest shown in your content if it contains more advertising than useful content. It’s hard to imagine a website receiving much attention that way

A good story allows the reader to become the protagonist. Unlike static, service-related  content stories bring vibrancy and life to your website, allowing users to see the personality and emotion behind your business. When users see your company as a group of real people and not just a logo and slogan, they are more inclined to trust you and your services, explore more of your website and in turn, become paying customers.

How to Choose a Topic

Tour Operator businesses provide people with the means to have new experiences. Experiences which are later shared with friends and family.

if you are in the Tour Industry, your job is already creating stories.

A story could be fictional or non-fiction. A good place to start would be the story of your business. Dig deep into the history of your business and describe how a passion for travelling turned into a tour operating business, or the struggles faced to reach where you are today.

From a fictional side, write a story that follows one of your tour packages. “Imagine yourself surrounded by the open expanse of the Kalahari Desert, a seemingly infinite number of stars scattered across the night sky”. Making the reader the protagonist of a travel adventure can make for an interesting read, while subtly advertising your services.

How to Create a Captivating Story

  1. The introduction

Make sure your story has a captivating  introduction that is related to the main theme of your story. Give brief descriptions of the characters that take part in the story, and give some insight into the situation they are facing.

  1. The body

This is where your plot is unravelled. The part of the story where the main characters catch their first glimpse of the African sunset, or spot a rare Black Rhino. Make it enthralling and descriptive. The more imagery you use, the more the reader feel like the protagonist.

  1. The climax

Plot twist? A happily ever after? You choose how the story ends. This is a good way to leave a user with an emotion you would like them to relate to your business. If the end is interesting or heartwarming, you might just benefit.

In conclusion, storytelling can be an enjoyable way to connect with your customers. It helps increase traffic to your website and advertise your services without seeming impersonal.

Unleash your creative side, it’s good for business.