The Review for Discount plugin for WooCommerce allows you to offer a discount in exchange for a review. By offering this to your shoppers, you allow them to make educated decisions based on active reviews. In turn, this will drive new purchases.

How the Review for Discount plugin works

Wendren owns an e-commerce store called “The Wren Design” and would like users to write reviews for her products. Therefore, she decides to incorporate the Review for Discount plugin into her website. During the process of incorporating this plugin, she needs to set up her preferences. She can choose from the following settings:

  • A user will receive a coupon code as soon as a review has been submitted or as soon as a review has been approved.
  • The coupon will give the shopper a fixed value or percentage discount for their entire cart or for only selected products inside the cart.
  • Choose to set a fixed value or percentage discount for the specific coupon.
  • Allow her shoppers to use multiple coupons at the same time.
  • Choose to apply the coupon before or after tax.
  • Set an expiry date for the coupon.
  • Enable free shipping.
  • Allow discounts for certain or all products (for example, if they did a review for a product called “Brown Paper iPad Mini Sleeve”, the coupon code that they receive for the one product review can be used to get discount on any other product or only for certain products.

Now that Wendren configured her settings, she can start receiving reviews from her users. The coupon system for the Review for Discount plugin works in the same way as the WooCommerce coupon system. However, there is one difference. Instead of manually creating coupons, the Review for Discount plugin generates coupons automatically and then stores them within the standard WooCommerce coupon section.
Upon submission or approval of a review, a coupon will be automatically emailed to the unique user. Thereafter, the shopper will be able to redeem his or her discount coupon at checkout and the value of the discount will be determined by the settings that Wendren configured initially.

How to combine it with the Follow-Up Emails plugin

Review for Discount has its own emailing system where you will be able to insert the body information of your email and this email (including a coupon code) will be sent to your users after a review. However, sometimes you would like the system to do more than only send out a coupon code. For example, you might want to invite users to write another review. At this point you will need a system with more capabilities, such as the Follow-Up Emails plugin.
The Follow-up Emails extension for WooCommerce helps you to stay in communication with your customers by scheduling email campaigns. There are a range of features and options for this plugin. If you would like to read more about these features, have a look at our previous blog post called “Follow-Up Emails plugin by WooCommerce”.
Now that you have an idea of how the Follow-Up Emails plugin works, let’s see how Wendren would use this plugin in combination with Review for Discount. Her customer submitted a review and received a coupon in their mail. The coupon gives them 10% discount on any product that they would like to buy. The customer decides that they would like to purchace the “Kings Rice Bag”. At checkout, they are asked to insert their coupon code and their checkout total reflects a 10% discount on their product total. The customer purchaces the product.
At this point, Wendren wanted the customer to receive an email saying: “Thank you for purchasing the ‘Kings Rice Bag’ with your coupon code. Please feel free to review this product in order to receive another discount coupon code.” In order to send out such an email, Wendren will configure this with the Follow-Up Emails plugin. Every time users buy a product using their coupon code, they will receive an email reminding them to review the next product.


Wendren’s example illustrates how an e-commerce store can benefit from a plugin such as Review for Discount. It also shows how this plugin can be used together with another plugin to make the idea behind it more effective.