Managing a business in the hospitality industry is tough, never mind having to also worry about managing your online presence. What you need is a solution that makes it easy to tracking online bookings, while also keeping it simple and seamless for the user to make those bookings. That’s exactly what the Accommodations add-on for WooCommerce Bookings brings to the table.The free add-on to WooCommerce Bookings makes it possible to rent and lease hotel rooms, homes, apartments or other spaces to customers.

The extension offers:

  • Rates for overnight and long term stays
  • Ability to calculate special rates for certain date ranges
  • Reservations that span nights or span days
  • Check-in and check-out times listed prominently on the product page, cart page and order confirmation page

By adding a new “Accommodation” option, your guests now have the ability to quickly book overnight stays in a few clicks. With fine-tuned control over check-in/check-out times and special room rates, you never feel out of touch with what’s going on at your location.

Key Features

  • Adds a new “Accommodation” option to the WooCommerce Bookings extension
  • Adds check-in and check-out times
  • Allows the booking duration to be specified as “number of nights”
  • Adds an “override price” feature that automatically enables special rates (i.e., weekend or holiday rates)
  • Works with WooCommerce Bookings

Accommodation Bookings is a free add-on for the WooCommerce Bookings extension. WooCommerce Bookings is required for Accommodation Bookings to work.

Get Started

  • Purchase and install the WooCommerce Bookings extension.
  • Download and install the add-on.
  • Add a new product with the “Accommodation” product type.
  • Set the booking price and check-in/check-out times.

Some use cases for the extension

Product addons for Accommodation Added Benefits

If an accommodation property has a spa, massage service,restaurant or any other added-cost services on the premises, you could create individual bookable products for what services you’re up-selling and bundle them with the accommodation book with Product Addons and Product Bundles.

Taking payments for bookings

Depending on which payment gateway

extension you use for your WooCommerce store, you should find it very simple to set up for your customers.

Taking deposits for bookings

By using the WooCommerce Deposits extension you’ll be able to set up either optional or required deposits for your accommodation. You can set the deposit requirements to be site-wide or you can set the required deposit on a per room basis.

Manual availability updates

There will be bookings that come in through sources other than your website, of course, whether by phone, in person, email, and so on. You can quickly and easily update your booking availability calendar on your website manually for these bookings so that your online customers always have an up-to-date resource for your rooms’ availability.