Whatever you online needs, we can help. Whether you need a website review, content planning, design, development, hosting, support or marketing services, we do it at LightSpeed.

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Our Process

Our services can be broken down into six basic phases of the web development process.


The discovery phase is the most important step in building a website, it’s the foundation the rest of the site build is based on.

We need to know as much as possible about you and your business to correctly translate your vision into a successful website.

This is achieved through consultation with you, as well as relevant questionnaires and client feedback. If you already have a website, we’ll review it to find opportunities for improvement.

Once we’ve gotten to know you better and have a better idea of what you’re hoping to achieve with your website, we’ll be prepared to put together an effective plan for your website.

Website Reviews

Your website will benefit greatly from one of our three review types:

  • SEO – we check whether your site’s configured to be easily found and indexed by search engines.
  • UX & Conversion Optimization – we assess how your site’s design and usability encourages user interaction.
  • Your site’s security is of paramount importance. We know what threats and vulnerabilities to look for.


Once we understand your business and your current website (should you have one), we’ll be better positioned to plan out how to provide you with a successful website for yourself and your visitors.

Content Strategy

LightSpeed can assist your business in creating more compelling and more useful content that satisfies you business objectives while also meeting your target audience’s needs.

Of course, this means different things for different businesses. Here are a few examples of the sort of work we might do to improve your website’s content.

  • Auditing and analysing existing content, running A/B content testing sessions, and making content and usability recommendations based on data such as site search logs and web analytics
  • Producing detailed content plans for new websites, and drawing up page templates and content models
  • Creating resources such as editorial style guides, messaging hierarchies, organisational voice and tone guidelines, terminology lists, and training materials for in-house content creators
  • Consulting on overall content strategy and workflow issues


With a website review completed and a solid content plan at hand, it’s time to build your website.responsive web design


Sketching helps us to show you what we have in mind for your website’s design before we build it.


We build a test site to focus on site architecture and flow to ensure that you’re happy with the structure of the site.


We have a keen eye for design, creating dynamic sites that look great and capture your visitors’ attention.


With your approval, we’ll build the site from the style and static designs in code that’s up to modern standards.


Our sites are tested for styling, accessibility and site structure problems, and every bug we find is squashed.


Once the designs have been applied to the fully functional demo site, we will present it to you for discussion.


After design and development is complete, your site is moved to our live hosting environment.

Hosting Services

Hosting your website with LightSpeed comes with a host of benefits, one of the most important being that if we host your website on our servers, we’ll be able to provide you with faster, more efficient support.

We can assure you that our hosting servers are able to sustain high volumes of traffic and are protected by a sophisticated firewall to protect your site from any malicious attacks.Our hosting packages all include spam protection, daily backups, brute force protection, SSL support and more.


We keep your site running smoothly, supporting you every step of the way.

Support Services

All websites need ongoing maintenance. LightSpeed can assist you with day-to-day security, stability and maintenance tasks like upgrades to WordPress and all its associated plugins.

Thanks to the kind learning curve of WordPress, even a novice can use the platform for creating and publishing their own content. Let us teach you how to do it yourself by watching educational videos we make available to all of our clients, as well as custom documentation we create for sites that require it.


With a secure site up and running, it’s time to grow your online presence.

Marketing Services

Now that you’ve got a secure, stable website live, it’s time to collect information on your site’s users’ behaviour. LightSpeed assist you in creating smart business decisions based on solid data gathered using powerful analytics tools.

Our holistic approach to marketing draws from the expertise of experienced professionals working in various fields. You’ll get assistance from us whether you want to:

  • target users with a paid search campaign
  • promote your business in organic search
  • find your customers on social media
  • build a mailing list