Content Strategy

Content is still KingLet us review your website and get an in-depth set of practical tips to make your website’s content the best it can be.

Find Problems

Addressing issues will increase your site’s SEO and also make it more appealing to return visitors as well as new visitors who are considering your products or services.

Identify Gaps

LightSpeed will bring to light the areas in which your site is lacking in information, helping you to capitalize on more areas of your target market’s interest.

Improve Quality

Whether it’s typos and formatting or language and tone, we will improve the quality of your content to keep visitors engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

Content Audits Our content audit can help your business in a number of ways, and our approach is tailor-made for any given scenario.

Some tasks we might perform include:

address damage to rankings due to one of Google’s algorithm updates

discover potential content marketing opportunities

find out where pages can be consolidated to fix overlapping content

determine what pages needs updating or 301 redirects


Our content editing service consists of both proofreading and examining text with the intention of improving the flow and ensuring that your sentences are well-structured and your brand message is clear. This process involves editing unnecessary words and highlighting sections of your content for improvement.

Website Content

Are you having trouble writing content for your website or devising an effective content strategy? Or maybe you simply don’t have the time? We write original, SEO friendly content that is innovative, engaging and converts your visitors into paying customers.

Blog Content

Do you need dynamic content for your blog? Our content team can devise a content strategy and write blog posts based on your company’s industry and its related niches. Tell us what you would like us to write about. We will then research the topic and generate unique, share-worthy blog posts.

Social Media Content

Are you struggling to get your audience to engage with your brand online? We know how to create fresh content that gets your target market talking, sharing, liking, retweeting and more.

Whether it’s by crafting compelling copy, eye-catching imagery or by reaching out with polls, questionnaires and competitions, we’ll find your audience and engage them.

Newsletter Content

Would you like to send out an email newsletter to your subscribers? We will help you to create a newsletter strategy, design a template and write your content.


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