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We offer specialised hosting designed for WordPress. In addition to being able to sustain high loads of traffic while using as few resources as possible, our hosting platform has an effective firewall to protect against hacking attempts.

Managed Upgrades

Our Hosting Packages

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Secure Cloud Hosting

From R 500 / month ex VAT


From R 5500 / year ex VAT (1 month free)

Best suited to clients hosting a single site

  • 1 x web space
  • Unlimited local storage
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Staging site

Requires: Migration(once off) @ R1275ex vat

Yearly Rate: Pay for your hosting in advance and get one month free!

*Pay for your hosting yearly and get the 12th month free*

Secure Dedicated Cloud Hosting

From R 2500 / month

Best suited to clients hosting multiple sites

  • 5 x web space
  • Unlimited local storage
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Dedicated load balancers
  • Dedicated IP address + failover
  • Global CDN for WordPress
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Staging sites

Requires: Cloud hosting setup (once off) @ R2550

LightSpeed cares about your success

Our experienced team understands the specifics of hosting WordPress websites. Optimal speeds and always safe and secure.

LightSpeed’s Gutsy Guarantee

We pledge to deliver your website on-time, within budget, and as scoped. If we break any of our promises, we will work diligently until your requirements are met.

LightSpeed’s Hosting guarantee

With LightSpeed’s hosting service you can be assured of optimal speeds and dedicated resources.

We know what it takes to host your site on a stable, secure and fast platform!

Talk to us today about hosting your website with LightSpeed. We’ll make sure you are always online, protected from malicious attacks and that your site is running at optimal speeds

What they sayClient reviews

Izak Van Heerden
Role & Company: Development Manager

We approached LightSpeed because we needed a WooCommerce plugin to integrate our clients into the PayOn payments platform. From the outset LightSpeed made our selection of a development company easy with their friendliness and assistance with requirements gathering. The result was a plugin that was stable, robust, fast and did not…

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Richard Laburn
Role & Company: Londolozi Marketing

The team at LightSpeed are professional, organised and very good at what they do. It was a pleasure to work with them on a project to create, update and streamline our mailing lists on Mailchimp.

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Julien Perreard
Role & Company: Group Head of Digital & Online for Giltedge Africa

We’ve been keeping a close watch on LightSpeed since they started their Tour Operator project; we were specifically interested in their Wetu integration as we’ve been a long-standing client of Wetu & are using it across the company.
When the time came to re-design GiltedgeAfrica.com, I knew they would…

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Eva Sittig
Role & Company: Head of Global Communications | Lufthansa InTouch

LightSpeed is managing the MailChimp account on behalf LH InTouch. The tasks include, RSS campaigns, List segmentation, Integrate WordPress plugin called AutoChimp – it synchronises the WordPress users with the MailChimp subscriber list – and template design. They offer on going support wherever needed.

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Tony Bales
Role & Company: CEO | Epping Property

LightSpeed initially facilitated the development of our website 7 years ago. They have also hosted our website since inception. Early in 2017 we decided to upgrade our website to a more modern platform. The LightSpeed team assisted Epping Property from start to finish. Their access to specialised people greatly enhanced…

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Kate Bergh
Role & Company: Owner | Cedarberg Africa

The review brought up some interesting points of improvement. It is clear that you took your time to personalize our site review, and I’m excited to make improvements. I appreciate your clear, detailed instructions, and the follow up links in each section for more information are helpful.

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Stephan Sliwensky
Role & Company: Marketing Director | DOCaddress

LightSpeed developed our brochure website some years back, we elected to use our own hosting and we didn’t keep our WordPress installation updated.
The site was infected quite badly and the content was replaced with malicious content. We contacted LightSpeed, who responded quickly and helped clean our site.

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Melissa Stroh
Role & Company: Safari Hotels

Safari Hotels has worked with LightSpeed for a number of years. As a referral to us, we have enjoyed the punctual fashion in which our enquiries have always been dealt with and the very thorough approach taken when executing instructions.

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Charlotte Metelerkamp
Role & Company: Head of Sales & Distribution | Classic Villas

I was approached by LightSpeed as we were looking to vastly improve on a website which was not performing at all. Ashley and his team at LightSpeed assisted me effortlessly; understood our needs quickly and offered us intelligent solutions which made complete business sense.
The result is not only…

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Clients we support


Design & Development


Design & Development

Maison Noir

Design & Development

Safari Hotels

Design & Development

Mushara Collection

Design & Development

Skyway Trails

Design & Development

Chimp & Zee

Design & Development

Epping Property

Design & Development


Design & Development, WooCommerce

Some of the team you’re likely to meet

Anke van Reeth

Anke is skilled with Photoshop and Sketch and is also proficient in responsive web development, WooCommerce and designing for mobile.

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Ashley Shaw
Chief Executive Officer

As founder and CEO of the company, Ashley’s time is split between generating or nurturing leads around the world, client consultation and managing his team.

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Barbara Kerr-Shaw
Chief Financial Officer

Barbs looks after the financial aspects of our business, account management, office administration, our fabulous team and the resident 6 felines.

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Christian Vancoillie
Systems Engineer

Chris, our systems engineer, is a computer nerd by heart. His main interests are networking, Internet and administration areas of IT.

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Deon Schreiber

Deon is a designer and all round creative guy. Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator, he is rapidly adding skills in Sketch to his repertoire.

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Garth Glaum
Project Manager

Garth is LightSpeed’s Project Manager. Garth was a project manager in KwaZulu-Natal for several years, before relocating to Cape Town.

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Ignatius Vermaak
Technical Lead

Iggi develops technical specifications for our WooCommerce projects, manages our developers, handles support requests and ensures an agile workflow.

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Jacques v.d Horst
WordPress Developer

Jacques is responsible for general theme and plugin configuration, custom site styling and structural development.

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Joseph Hart
WordPress Developer

Apart from co-managing our support team, Joe is responsible for general theme and plugin configuration, custom site styling and structural development.

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Virginia Garcia
WordPress Developer

Virginia is a Front End Developer with over 5 years’ experience. She is a Systems Engineer with a passion for WordPress and everything related to it.

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Warwick Booth
WordPress Developer

Warwick is the lead developer at LightSpeed and takes care of any back end work where he works mostly with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and SQL.

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