Mailchimp Management Services

Email marketing has the potential to generate amazing results for your online business – and if entrusted to experts, become a driver of excellent conversion and sales use our Experts Mailchimp Management Services.

Mailchimp Management Services

Our expert team’s skills and advice can raise your Mailchimp game.

Email Marketing Strategy & Planning

The advice you need to make the most of Mailchimp.

Whether growing your email list or increasing sales, we can help develop the most effective email marketing strategy for your business.

Template Design

Eye-catching email marketing that looks great and delivers on traffic.

Use Mailchimp to easily add images and graphics that makes your email marketing content responsive across all devices, and looks great, every time.


Expert advice on automation that improves customer response and satisfaction.

Our skills and experience assist you in creating and scheduling automated emails that follow up on purchases, nurture leads, and provide product recommendations to customers.

Mailchimp Training

Training sessions ranging from basic template creation to advanced campaign management.

We’ll teach you how to create a winning email template and train your team so that your brand’s look and feel is reflected in a professional layout that matches your brand identity.

Support packages

We can help you get the most out of Mailchimp.

Our support packages provide the skills and capabilities your business needs to ensure every email marketing campaign you run is effective and delivers.

Mailchimp Services for WooCommerce

Harness the power of connecting your email marketing platform to your online shop.

Communicate with your customers at exactly the right time

Interact thoughtfully and effectively with your customers.

Mailchimp’s marketing automation tools talk to your customers just like you would, so you can focus on running your business. They’re the fastest, easiest way to send product follow-ups, collect feedback after a purchase, re-engage lapsed customers, and more.

Sell more stuff with personalisation

Engage with your customers on a personal level to maximise your sales.

When you connect your store to Mailchimp, you access powerful tools that help increase revenue and recapture lost sales. You’re also able to generate personalised suggestions based on the purchase history of your customers with built-in product recommendations. This allows you to use abandoned cart emails to automatically follow up with people who leave your store without completing their purchase. The result is personal, effective communication that yields results.

Create notification emails that fit your brand

Compose eye catching and user-friendly customer communication.

Design beautiful, personalised order notifications – like shipping confirmations, invoices, and more – to match your style. Then, encourage repeat traffic through relevant, targeted product recommendations.

Find similar people, grow your audience

Analyse how your customers interact with your website’s shopping experience.

Analyse your customer data to build Facebook and Instagram ads that promote your business and expand your reach. Then, track engagement and ROI to see which ads help you win new customers and generate more sales.

Incentivise people to buy

Add enticing promo codes to your email campaigns.

Adding a promo code block to your emails increases revenue and encourages signups. Create incentivised campaigns that fit your brand, then track your performance with powerful reporting tools.

Turn visitors into subscribers

Grow your customer base with easy sign-up functionality.

Create mobile-friendly signup forms and grow your customer base. Customisation allows you to adjust the form design, timing and placement, as well as single or double opt-in.

Target customers with one click

Quickly connect with potential, recent, first-time, repeat, or lapsed customers.

Use your store data to create pre-built segments, quickly connecting you with potential, recent, first-time, repeat, or lapsed customers. Target customers based on signup date, engagement history, and demographics.

Track customers from signup to purchase

Review detailed reports after every campaign to gain insights into what’s working

Detailed campaign revenue, engagement, and growth reports are just a few clicks away. You’ll see what strategies are working, make smart marketing decisions and superboost your sales.

Why LightSpeed?

We are a proud Mailchimp Certified Partner.

With this certification, and 10 years of expertise in implementing high-performance email marketing for many brands around the world, we’re perfectly positioned to help you succeed.

We have been a Mailchimp Partner since 2015. We are listed on the Mailchimp’s Experts Directory

This directory is an elite community of freelancers and agencies working with the people and businesses using Mailchimp.

We have been a verified WooExpert Partner since 2015 and listed on the WooCommerce Experts directory –

There is no better validation of expertise than being certified as WooExperts.You can trust us to deliver on optimised performance that translates into sales and repeat customers.

Want A Free Consultation?

Consultations last around 30 minutes and are designed to understand your needs.

Our free 20 to 30-minute consultations assist us in understanding your needs, and can be followed by a paid discovery phase. This might take a week or longer, after which we’re able to cost a discovery phase or, if we are clear enough, we’re able to quote on a proposed solution.

Why Mailchimp?

Unleash the power of the world’s leading email marketing platform.

Email marketing can generate amazing results by being a driver of excellent conversion and sales. As a certified Mailchimp partner, we’ll help you make the most of it and how to make it work at the core of your online marketing campaigns, especially if yours is a WooCommerce store.