Mailchimp Campaign Management

Looking for a reliable partner to efficiently, effectively and quantifiably manage your Mailchimp Campaign Management? We have got your back.

We can manage your day-to-day email campaign operations.

From handling campaign assets to validation and scheduling and from a campaign set up to reporting and analysis, LightSpeed provides end-to-end email campaign services. Already have your email strategy or copy ready? Let us help you plan and successfully execute the best email campaigns.

Our Pricing Models

Simple and affordable email marketing services.

Basic Package

From R2500 per campaign.

Production only, buy online, send yourself.

A low-cost solution for your day-to-day email marketing campaigns.

Monthly Retainer

From R5000 per month.

Production, send management and strategic support.

An all-in-one email service package, designed for marketing professionals who want to look good.


From R950 per hour.

Flexible alternative to a monthly plan.

Instead of paying a recurring monthly charge, you buy support bundles as needed. It’s a good option for users who send infrequently.

Email Campaign Management

Leave your emails to the experts.

Campaign planning

We will plan your email newsletters and campaigns in your email marketing content calendar for you. A complete managed service.

Create custom graphics

We will design all the graphics and images in your email campaigns and newsletters, to ensure your email newsletter management plan is unique and tailored to you.

Build mobile-optimised emails

Your email marketing team will create mobile ready emails that looks great. A complete email marketing service package.

Emails scheduled

We will schedule your email marketing campaigns, at the best send time. Email campaign management, start to send.

Run pre-send checks

Your email newsletter and campaign management plan include comprehensive testing of your email campaigns and newsletters.

Post-send support

Contact your campaign manager to book callbacks to discuss your email marketing campaigns and newsletters.

Want A Free Consultation?

Consultations last around 30 minutes and are designed to understand your needs.

Our free 20 to 30-minute consultations assist us in understanding your needs, and can be followed by a paid discovery phase. This might take a week or longer, after which we’re able to cost a discovery phase or, if we are clear enough, we’re able to quote on a proposed solution.