We know what it takes to get your site out there, on your customers’ screens. Whether we target your audience on search engines, social media platforms or through any other online channels, we’ll find the formula that works best for your business.

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Our Digital Analytics Process

Find out what is driving the traffic on your website through digital analytics. Our team will configure your analytics, analyse your data and provide you with an uncomplicated weekly or monthly report based on the activity from your digital presence.

1. Configuration

What are your business goals or targets? Are they monthly or weekly? Let LightSpeed configure this to measure your return on investment.

2. Measurement

Is your analytics performing above or below the measurement benchmark that you have set? These benchmarks can be adjusted at any time to mirror the industry standard.

3. Analyze

Our team will analyse all data received based on the measurements that were set. Then we figure out why the numbers do or don’t reflect those expectations.

4. Reporting

We create a report in order to package the information that we just collected. This easy to understand report is given to the decision makers so that they can make decisions about the business based on this information.

5. Testing

After the reporting process the client, in corroboration with our team, decide on a chosen testing method based on what we identified during analysis. Developers will need to implement these testing methods.

6. Improve

We start the process over again in the next monthly or weekly cycle. In this way, you will have a continuous improvement.


Every company’s website should be optimised for the highest possible rankings for industry-relevant search terms.

Let LightSpeed help you reach your target audience by optimising your website.

Built-in SEO

We include the following SEO services with our base website packages:

  • SEO optimized code and site architecture
  • “Meta tags” – information read by search engines to inform their listing of a website.
  • Sitemap.xml for allowing easy indexing by search engines.
  • Pinging search engines when new content is published.
  • Code validation (HTML, CSS)

Technical SEO

Search engines don’t browse websites the way we do. They can’t see images or click on buttons. They can only “crawl” your website with simple accessible links in order to accurately rank your website.

Issues harming your SEO include duplicate content, slow page speed, and broken links – both inside of and pointing to your website. We take care of it all.

Content SEO

Ensure that your website is optimised for the best possible rankings on search engines by writing web friendly content. Our team is skilled in editing content with SEO in mind. After thorough keyword research we edit your titles, URLs and body content in order to adhere to global SEO standards.

Alternatively, we can perform an SEO review of your current site to find out where your site needs improvement most.


Organically appearing in the first page of Search Engine Results pages isn’t the only key to winning the search marketing game.

Let LightSpeed help you also capture valuable, qualified leads with PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing on the Google AdWords platform.

Keyword Research

Keywords and phrases need to be analyzed in terms of traffic, competitiveness and cost. We excel in picking out the best search queries for your product or service and targetting only relevant, qualified customers who are already interested in what it is you offer.

Competitor Analysis

We have the tools and know how to discover the other companies are who are targeting the same customers you are, allowing us to learn from their successes and their mistakes. This helps us to optimize your campaign and put you a step ahead of the herd.

Ongoing Maintenance

One thing we’ll never do with an AdWords campaign is “set it and forget it”. We always keep a close eye on performance and optimize the landing pages on your site and the ad copy and keyword targeting to ensure the best ROI possible.