WordPress & WooCommerce support

With our WordPress & WooCommerce support & maintenance of your websites and online shops, you’re able to concentrate on your business and customers.

WordPress & WooCommerce support

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Our WordPress Support Services

Support services that resolve errors and find solutions that improve your website.

If you need help adding extra functionality, or improving anything related to your WordPress website, our Support service ensures the best way forward. We have road-tested thousands of plugins, themes, and web services – and can implement something that is fit for purpose.

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WordPress & WooCommerce support

Your online business can benefit from the different areas of WordPress & WooCommerce support that our team provides. Here’s some common support jobs that we can take care of for you.

Resolving error messages

Unexpected and strange error messages on your website are one of the worst impressions you can give your visitors, and will negatively impact conversion. Our Support service doesn’t just remove the error message: we find the cause and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Website bug fixes

Websites are complex and if not used the right way, bugs can appear. Our support includes applying our  deep technical understanding of code and WordPress to fix the majority of website bugs.

Design & Development

Our team of expert developers, designers & project managers deliver custom development solutions, tailored to fit your needs. Tell us your goals, your problems and your deadlines and we’ll create a plan to get you to launch.

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We specialise in large-scale moves, whether it’s host-to-host, changing from another CMS to WordPress, Multisite conversion or migrating to WooCommerce. You get smooth migration, without data loss

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Not only can we fix your WordPress site once it’s been compromised, we can also monitor it on a continuous basis and even host your WordPress website on our secure hosting, which helps to prevent future attacks from occurring.

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Broken Design

When theme compatibility issues with plugins or core files result in a website that works and looks nothing like originally intended, we’re able to correct and update design to get your website looking how you want it.

Integrate Plugins

We can advise and assist with the installation and basic setup of 3rd party apps, plugins, etc.

Site Speed

There are many reasons why a WordPress website or WooCommerce store can load slowly. If you want pages that load faster, we will find the bottlenecks and increase and optimise overall performance.


Inundated with Spam? Not a problem: we’re experts at setting up robust anti-spam systems.


Our specialised managed WordPress hosting service optimise your website to sustain high loads of traffic while using as few resources as possible, and our hosting platform includes threat detection and blocking, multiple daily backups, regular WordPress updates, and caching to boost page speeds.

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Mobile bug fixes

With the rise of smartphone use, your website needs to work on computers as well as tablets and phones. All the websites we build are 100% compatible and responsive – and we’re able to help fix your mobile issues too.

Structured Data

Seen information like reviews or product prices in the listing of a Google organic search result? This is brought to you by structured data, which is a standardised way of describing the content on a web page, whether it be of a local business, ecommerce product or some other common data type. With our experience, we’re able to get your content prominently featured so traffic becomes conversion.

Open Graph Tags

Adding Open Graph Tags to WooCommerce will help search engines better understand your page content and improve the appearance of your ecommerce products in social media platforms when people share links to your product pages.

Image Optimisation

Huge product images can slow down eCommerce websites, which leads to drop-off of conversions. To resolve this, we run images through a compression tool and can even set up recurring image compression for future images added to your WordPress media library!

Development / Staging Environments

Before proceeding with a major WooCommerce update or plugin installation, it’s recommended that you set up a development or staging website. Need help creating and managing that WooCommerce staging site? Let’s talk.

301 Redirects

If launching a new ecommerce store or removing pages from your WooCommerce website, you need 301 redirects to retain and direct traffic! Online businesses can lose huge amounts of organic traffic due to broken URLs – but we can help you resolve this by creating 301 redirects with .htaccess files, nginx templates or within redirect plugins.

Page content updates

Getting content onto the pages in the right layout can be finicky and time consuming. Let us apply our skills, so your content is where you want it: in front of your customers, soonest.

Browser compatibility

The many different web browsers that people use to view your website such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari can all render your site differently. Our job is to ensure they all look the same, no matter which browser.


Need to just bounce ideas off the industry leaders? We are ready to answer any questions you may have to ensure your WordPress website is well supported.

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Best-practice coding that lays a solid foundation for future growth. Experts in WordPress & WooCommerce support

Our coding takes extensibility into account from the start, providing a solid foundation for future upgrades, tweaks, and development while delivering on security and reliability.

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Work we’re proud of that’s created happy clients and excellent results.

Though we give our all on every project we undertake, there are some that shine and which we consider amongst our finest work in design and development. Take a look at these examples to see what we could do for you and your online business.

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Our free Support consultation will provide you with a clear understanding of the benefits of having our expertise applied to ensuring you get the support you need, when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Support Questions.

What is WordPress support and why is it important?

Regular updates, troubleshooting, and maintenance of your website are essential to ensure that your website is fully protected and runs smoothly. 

Today, most websites feature complex software programs that need to be regularly updated for security and efficiency purposes. Support ensures that the core software, plugins and themes are regularly updated on WordPress websites.

Can’t I just do the WordPress updates myself?

You certainly can if you’re super keen, but the updates are not always problem free and it’s probably not the best use of your time. If things do go wrong and we’re doing the updates, we’re able to fix the problem at the same time or roll the site back to the last backup.

What information do you need from me?

In order to get started, we’ll need WordPress admin access and FTP/SFTP details. We recommend users to create a new admin user for us.

What is the first step once you have access to my site?

Once we have access to the admin of your WordPress site we’ll run a full audit. During the audit, we will NOT change anything on your site. If necessary we’ll make a list of recommendations based on what we find.

I know my site is not healthy right now. Can you help?

Absolutely! Once we’ve got access and have completed a full audit, we’re then able to make recommendations on how we can help. Whether you’re dealing with security issues, load speed, performance issues, out of date, expired or conflicting plugins, etc, we’re able to come up with a plan to get our site completely healthy.

How will I make requests if you are supporting my WordPress website or WooCommerce store?

You can simply send an email to support@lsdev.biz with the site URL and all the details of the request.

What kind of things can you do with regards to WooCommerce Support?

We can provide support for any WooCommerce-related issues. Here are some examples:

Updating some settings upon request
Installing or setting up a WooCommerce plugin or add-on
Adjusting WooCommerce delivery settings
Discount rules
Debugging and resolving bugs
Order emails not being received by customers
Liaising with third-parties to resolve bugs and issues (plugins, payment gateways, etc.)

Our WooCommerce support service does not mean that we will virtually run your WooCommerce store for you, – e.g. uploading products, changing product prices, adding new products, etc. The purpose of the WooCommerce support is to ensure you have a technical support partner that can help advise & resolve technical bugs and glitches.