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What exactly is a website review?

LightSpeed offers three different types of website reviews covering all the aspects of your site that might be underperforming. Let us review your website and provide you with an in-depth set of practical tips to make your website the best it can be.


We’ll check your site for more than 300 important SEO and usability issues, digging deep into your data to provide you with a comprehensive set of steps for achieving search engine success.

UX & Conversion

It’s important to ensure your visitors have an optimal experience and are driven to perform a desired action. Our review assesses the state of your site’s conversion optimization.

Security & Stability

We like to ensure that all the websites we work on are safe as houses. We’ll review your website to find out whether it’s protected from external attacks and internal issues with code and server stability.

What will you receive?

SEO Review

Pricing from R7500 ex VAT

So you feel you’ve done everything you can to improve your search engine rankings and usability? Why not make sure you have created the best website you can? Our SEO Review will identify ways to improve your website’s search engine visibility.
You’ll receive a detailed report on our review and findings which will contain many practical tips you can use to improve your website – or have us implement the fixes for you. Of course we’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the review for up to six weeks after you’ve received the report.

Our SEO Reviews will also:

  • identify ways to optimize your content and code
  • find opportunities for improving your site speed
  • check your site’s link profile
  • fully configure the Yoast SEO plugin
  • give you our honest opinion about your site’s SEO
  • analyze (or set up, if it’s not already) your Google Search Console and Google Analytics profiles for insights and data trends

User Experience & Conversion Review

Pricing from R7500 ex VAT

In order to track the conversion data of your website, we’ll need to set up specific goals in Google Analytics. If this has already been done, we’ll go over these and see where improvements or fixes can be made.
We’ll review your website’s current level of conversion optimization to see how well you encourage user interaction. We’ll also look at your visitors’ behaviour, like how they came to your site and what they did there.

We’ll assess specific conversion-related aspects of your site, like:

  • Sales funnel
  • Landing pages
  • Calls to action
  • Newsletters / Mailing Lists
  • Social media profiles
  • Checkout process

Combine the Conversion review with our SEO review for a comprehensive evaluation.

Security Review

Pricing from R7500

You’ll receive a comprehensive report in approximately four weeks (depending on the size of your site) which will detail the vulnerabilities detected and make recommendations on how to resolve them.

Your website needs to be kept secure from a constantly evolving host of possible hacks and attacks. LightSpeed can audit websites’ security measures comprehensively, checking for threats like:

  • SQL injection
  • XSS and XXE attacks
  • CSRF
  • many other web vulnerabilities

We’re well-versed in WordPress protection, so you can rest assured we’ll check every facet of your site for vulnerabilities specific to the CMS, like:

  • outdated plugins
  • configuration file disclosure
  • username enumeration
  • malicious themes/plugins

How the review process works

Remember, all website reviews are the result of the LightSpeed team looking at your site in-depth. Not an automated analysis like you can get for $50 that’ll just give you two things that are wrong in your HTML without looking at the overall picture.

We will spend hours on your site finding what’s good and bad and then some more explaining to you in clear language what you should do, why you should do it and how you should do it.

Pick your choice of review or combine reviews below and you’ll go into the following process:

  • Fill in your details > name, email, and a message detailing what reviews you’re interested in.
  • You’ll receive an intake form with applicable questions, which you should fill out as soon as possible, so we can use this additional information for the review.
  • If you still have questions about the review, feel free to email us first and get those answered
  • We’ll get started on the review once quote is accepted and a deposit payment is made. We usually deliver the website review within 2-4 weeks depending on review queue.

Basic form to get the review process started:



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