The Shipping Multiple Addresses extension for WooCommerce allows your customers to ship one order to multiple destinations. They add all of their items to the cart and select their preferred addresses per item. In this blog post I’ll tell you more about this extension.

How Shipping Multiple Addresses works

Configuring options for this extension will allow you to control how your customers get to use it. For example, you can choose to disallow multiple shipping addresses for certain products. In other words, when a customer adds a product to their cart for which you disabled multiple shipping addresses, they won’t be able to ship any of the other products in the cart to multiple shipping addresses either.
Customers will be able to see when a cart is able to ship to multiple addresses. There will always be a notification above their cart items saying “you may use multiple shipping addresses on this cart”. You can also change this notification in your admin settings. Currently there is no other way to notify customers that a product has the ability to ship to multiple addresses. If you would like to notify them while browsing through product pages, a developer can always set this up on your website.

Shipping Multiple Addresses
Picture source: WooThemes documentation

Next to the notification text above the customer’s cart, they will see a button that says “Set Address”. This will lead them to a place where they can set multiple addresses for the items in their cart. The button message can also be customised according to your preferences. On this address selection page, your customers will be able to enter new addresses and save them for further use. Saving these details will make things easier because they will need to specify an address for every item in their cart. For example, let’s say they have a shirt, a cup and a pen in their cart. The shirt and the cup must to go to Johannesburg, and the pen has to go to Cape Town. They will need to type out the Johannesburg address twice, both for the pen and the cup. Instead of typing it out twice, they can just save the Johannesburg address first, and then select it from a dropdown list afterwards. The Johannesburg address will then always be saved under their profile so that they can use it again on their next order.

Shipping Multiple Addresses
Picture source: WooThemes documentation

Moreover, you can enable cart duplication by ticking the “enable” checkbox in your admin settings. For example, your customer wants to ship 1x pen, 1x shirt and 1x cup to Johannesburg and to Cape Town. They don’t want to insert the address six times for every item in the cart. Therefore, they decide to duplicate the cart and send each cart to its own destination.
Another feature that comes with this extension is “partially complete orders”. Your customers will be able to set different shipping dates per item in their cart. They can then choose to receive an email notification telling them that their partial order has been shipped.
Lastly, users will be charged with shipping costs per shipping address. If they decide to send some items to Cape Town and some items to Johannesburg, they will need to pay two different shipping fees. These fees are calculated based on the settings that you are using in WooCommerce. For example, let’s say the Johannesburg order items comes down to a total of R300.00 and the Cape Town order is R100.00. If you enabled free shipping for all orders over R250.00, the Johannesburg parcel’s shipping will be free and the Cape Town parcel will be charged according to your shipping fee settings. All WooCommerce shipping methods are supported by the Shipping Multiple Addresses extension.


Customers that do shopping in a physical store will drive to the store and buy items for multiple friends or family members in one session. They will go to the pay point once with all their items and only use their credit card once to pay for the whole transaction. In the same way, they would like to visit your online store in one session, take all their items to the pay point (cart checkout) and use their credit card once to pay for everyone’s items. Because of this, the Shipping Multiple Addresses extension can be a great addition to your WooCommerce store.