South African Payment Gateways for WooCommerce: A Summary

Looking for a comprehensive breakdown of Payment Gateways available in South Africa? Well look no further. As we are Woocommerce fanatics, we’ve covered the most popular and powerful gateways which are built for Woocommerce powered WordPress Websites. We have also been sure to focus on those which support recurring billing and other additional features you may need.

Before we get to the summaries there are a few important factors to consider when choosing the correct Woocommerce payment gateway.

Monthly and Transaction Fees

All payment gateways charge for their services. When a payment is processed you will either be charged a flat rate for each transaction or a percentage based on the total amount.

You may be charged a combination of both of these charges. You may also be charged a setup fee on initiation of your account, a monthly fee as well as a settlement fee when transferring funds. So consider your monthly transaction volume and the pricing structure of your online products to establish what will work best for your budget and your online business.

Supported Banks, Card Types and Payment Methods

It’s important to do a little research into your customers preferred payment method. Credit Card transactions, such as those for Visa and Mastercard, are handled by most payment gateways, but consider options such as SnapScan, which allows your customers to pay using their SnapScan Mobile Banking App. If you’re customers tend to pay with debit cards, be sure to check the supported banks and payment methods to be sure this is possible before making a decision.

Recurring Billing

If you require the option for a customer to make use of recurring billing on a product, be sure to establish your recurring billing criteria so you choose an option that is best suited for you. In the tables below, we indicate if each of the Payment Gateways include this functionality.

Now that we’ve recapped, lets get into the most popular Woocommerce Payment Gateway Plugins out there:


It doesnt get much better than PayFast. From it’s easy setup and secure interface, you will be sure to enjoy this one. PayFast doesn’t only support Recurring Billing, but in the process also integrates with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Woocommerce Pre-orders Plugins. Due to this, it’s been a go-to payment gateway solution when creating Woocommerce Subscription Websites.

PayFast Fast Facts

Merchant AccountSupported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types
ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, NedbankCredit & Cheque cards, Instant EFT, Bitcoin, Mobicred, ATM debit cards(via PayD), Masterpass

PayFast Fees

Monthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
FREEFREE Instant EFT - 2%

Bitcoin - 1.9%

Mobicred - 3.5%

Credit/Debit card - 3.9% (+R2.00)

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Peach Payments

As Peach Payments is focused on African markets and emerging international markets, we decided to bring their superior payment gateway to WordPress! That’s why we created the Woocommerce Peach Payments Extension.

Peach Payments offer online credit and debit card payment solutions, as well as allowing for EFT payments, mobile wallet transactions and payments via mobile operators. If you are looking to trade online in emerging market countries then Peach Payments is a great option.

Peach Payments is a comprehensive and well supported gateway and is a great all round package. The Peach Payments payment gateway for WooCommerce allows recurring billing in regions where this had previously not been available.

PeachPayments Fast Facts

Merchant Account Supported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types
ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, CapitecCredit & Cheque cards, SID Instant EFT, Masterpass(coming soon), PayPal

Peach Payments Fees

Monthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
R300.00 p/month

Recurring Billing - R200.00 p/month
R250.00 R1.50 - up to R2999 transactions

R1.25 - R3000 - R7999 transactions

R1.10 - from R8000 transactions

Ready to grab this payment gateway? Take a look at our full breakdown to give you all the information you may need.

EFT Secure

EFTsecure makes receiving funds directly at check out via EFT a breeze. They offer a hassle free EFT payment solution with no registration required at check out. It’s a simple, fast and easy to use solution for merchants and buyers alike.

A South African bank account registered with internet banking is all that’s required in order start selling with EFTsecure. It’s is a great solution for the South African market where credit card access is limited but most potential customers already have a suitable bank account to purchase via EFT.

Fast Facts for EFTsecure

Merchant AccountSupported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types
ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, InvestecEFT

EFTsecure fees

PackageMonthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
ENTRYFREE - Up to R50 000 transaction volumeFREE R2.00 per/transaction (+2%)
EASYR195.00 - Up to R500 000 transaction volumeFREE R1.00 per/transaction (+1.5%)
ENTERPRISER495.00 - Above R500 000 transaction volumeFREE POA - Tailor made pricing solution

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PayGate is a well established payment gateway and they offer a comprehensive range of solutions for receiving payments online as well as WooCommerce integration.

They have a range of bundled packages which accommodate a wide range of end users, from small businesses and startups to established online enterprises. We’d recommend contacting them directly to discuss which package would be best suited to your online business as they vary in terms of fees and functionality.

PayGate Fast Facts

Merchant AccountSupported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types
ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, Investec, First DataCredit & cheque cards, SID Instant EFT, Masterpass, PayPal, Zapper, SCode, PayPal

PayGate Fees

PackageMonthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
PAYCOLLECTFREER200.00FREE per/transaction (+3.9%)
STARTERR99.00 p/monthR200.00R1.25 per/transaction (+0.5%)
MEDIUMR249.00 p/monthR200.00 R0.75 per/transaction (+0.4%)
PREMIUMR499.00 p/monthR200.00R0.50 per/transaction (+0.25%)

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PayNow by SagePay

As PayNow is integrated with Sage accounting packages, Sage users will have easy access and integration into the Pay Now gateway. Are you a Sage client? Then this is the right payment gateway for you!

Pay Now supports the typical payment options such as credit card, debit card and EFT, but what sets them apart is the ability to receive cash payments at participating retail outlets. This is a great option for micro and small businesses in South Africa, looking to target markets that may not have access to other traditional online payment methods.

PayNow Fast Facts

Merchant Account Supported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types
ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, CapitecCredit & Cheque cards, Instant EFT, Masterpass

Pay Now Fees

Monthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
R42.00 p/monthFREE EFT - 2%

Bank EFT - 0.5%

Cards and Masterpass - 3.8%(+R1.00)

Cash Payments - 3.8% (+R8.00)

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Allow your customers to pay quickly & conveniently using their SnapScan mobile application. It’s “New Age” payment methods such as this that can push you into the lead over the competition. Online sales are all about convenience, and thats what SnapScan provides.

SnapScan is easy to integrate into your Woocommerce powered online store and your users will be presented with a unique QR code to scan at checkout.

Transaction fees are relatively high if used as stand alone method of receiving payments, but if offered as part of a range of payment options it can only help to increase sales.

SnapScan Fast Facts

Merchant Account Supported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types
ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, CapitecQR code scanning and payments in app via linked account

SnapScan Fees

PackageMonthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
N/AFREER250.003% per/transaction

You can read our post on SnapScan here for more info.


PayU offers 3 packaged bundles each with features that would appeal to small, medium/large or enterprise scale online businesses – PayU Easy, PayU Plus and PayU enterprise.

  1. PayU Easy is the simplest option, with no merchant account required and best suited to small businesses, while PayU Plus is aimed at businesses looking to expand and grow their online business.
  2. PayU Plus offers a secure platform for high volume transactions through multiple payment methods.
  3. PayU Enterprise is the most flexible of the three where users can choose from the full range of the PayU services and customise the payment gateway to their requirements.

With PayU’s impressive list of  large South African Corporations using their services, it’s no surprise they have a extensive range of functionalities, including accepting loyalty reward payments such as ebucks and Discovery, which is a plus.

PayU Fast Facts

Merchant Account Supported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types
NO-PayU easy, YES-PayU Plus and Enterprise packagesABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, Investec
* Credit Card Debit Orders
Credit&debit cards, EFT, Loyalty rewards(ebucks and Discovery), PayPal, Masterpass, Visa checkout

PayU fees

PackageMonthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
PAYU EASYR99.00 p/monthFREER2.00 p/transaction
PAYU PLUSR437.75 p/monthR250.00R1.25 p/transaction
PAYU ENTERPRISER437.75 p/monthR250.00R1.25 p/transaction
EFT PRO/SMARTR2.00 p/transaction

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Virtual Card Services – VCS

Virtual Card Services or VCS has been around for a while in South Africa and was one of the first SA payment gateways. They have been providing services since 1996 when they started supplying services to the mail order market. They are widely used by SA based online retailers and as such offer simple and effective solutions at very competitive rates.

VCS Fast Facts

Merchant Account Supported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types
ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, NedbankCredit & cheque cards, SID EFT, direct deposit, Masterpass, Mobicred

VCS fees

PackageMonthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
N/AR175.00 p/monthR285.00R0.57 p/authorization

R0.57 p/transaction


My Gate supports South African markets and a host of other African countries. They offer multiple payment methods through a PCI compliant and secure gateway. Merchants can transact through MyGates hosted payment pages or you can choose to keep total control and integrate your payment pages on your own server.

MyGate offers four bundled packages to suit to your requirements and transaction volume. Each package has a certain amount of free transaction as well as free users. So no matter the size of your online business you’ll find a suitable solution with MyGate.

MyGate Fast Facts

Merchant AccountSupported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types
ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, NedbankCredit & cheque cards, SID EFT, Absa Rewards, Mobicred

MyGate Fees

PackageMonthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
CLASSICR290.00 p/monthR250.00R1.80 per/transaction(161 free p/m)
PERFORMERR525.00 p/monthR250.00R1.70 per/transaction(308 free p/m)
PRESTIGER875.00 p/monthR250.00R1.60 per/transaction(548 free p/m)

For more on MyGate read our review here.


PayPal is an extremely popular online payment method, so why not use it as a payment gateway? Supported in more than 200 countries with over 180 million active users, PayPal offers merchants and buyers a simple solution for transferring funds electronically and transacting online.

For the South African market it is the most expensive option when it comes to payment gateways so it may not be ideal as a standalone method of receiving payments online, but is great to have for those customers who will make use of Paypal, and may even keep them returning to you because of this additional service.

An FNB account is the best and most cost effective option when it comes to linking an account to withdraw funds from PayPal. This is the least complicated and costly of the banking options.

PayPal Fast Facts

Merchant AccountSupported BanksRecurring Billing Payment Types

*FNB online banking account is required to withdraw funds
FNB (other banks are supported but not recommendedPayPal Standard offers recurring billing (user will need a PayPal account)Credit and Debit card, Send Money online, PayPal payments

PayPal Fees

PackageMonthly feesSetup FeesTransaction fees
FREEFREE2.4-3.4%(+USD 0.30)per/transaction
2.5% currency conversion fee may apply
FNB quotes latest ZAR/USD exchange rate for every withdrawal
FNB charges 1.5% of quoted amount in ZAR per withdrawal

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