Barbara Kerr-Shaw

Chief Financial Officer

Barbs looks after the financial aspects of our business, account management, office administration, our fabulous team and the resident 6 felines. She has 17 years experience in the software development industry, with roles ranging from support and account management through to website development project management.

Outside of the online world, she enjoys reading Stephen King, doing arty stuff, hiking on Cape Town’s amazing trails, very short jogs and gardening.

Matt recently met up with the Cape Town WordPress community for a little chat. This post paraphrases everything we learned from that Meetup.

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Matt Mullenweg will be be answering questions from the local WordPress community in Cape Town tonight, Tuesday evening at Sinns, Wembley Square in Gardens.

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Making WordCamp Cape Town 2012

Back in May this year we announced that WordCamp Cape Town 2012 was going ahead. It was totally worth every minute of the effort.

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Sandor Weyers
Role & Company: Elementz Travel

I approached LightSpeed because they were referred to me by Wetu and I also saw some of the great work…

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Tony Bales
Role & Company: CEO | Epping Property

LightSpeed initially facilitated the development of our website 7 years ago. They have also hosted our website since inception. Early…

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