David J Cartwright

Role & Company: MD | ATI Holidays Team: Ignatius Vermaak

Internet trends and technology change apace, and in a matter of a few short years, our pioneering website was little more than a monolithic, top heavy, cumbersome old site, that had great content and poor imagery and that’s if you could find it! We realised we needed a complete rework from a company that understand the tourism industry, current leanings, SEO/Google algorithms, and had a proven track record of being able to deliver timeously and at a reasonable price. LightSpeed certainly met and exceeded all expectations in these regards.
Ashley Shaw took time out to meet and present to us, carefully listening to the style and feel of the site we wanted to create. He personally oversaw the process, continually consulting and checking with us, while at the same time advising and suggesting what he, and Light Speed’s expert team of coders felt would work best.
This will be the 4th major web-site that we’ve developed, and I can honestly say this was the smoothest, most efficient and easiest project of it’s type we’ve ever worked on. The result, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a site that is fresh, sophisticated, easy to navigate and visually compelling – while still containing huge amounts of relevant content – the difference is now you can find it!
Without question, I would highly recommend LightSpeed as developer that can create and deliver cutting edge, large to small web-sites, quickly, affordably and of a very high calibre.