Jennifer Searle

Role & Company: Fairlady Test House

Lightspeed and I recently worked together on the redesign of one my brand’s websites This proved challenging as I had to consult with a number of members on the team and then compile a document which highlighted the look, feel, design and functionality that the team would like from the website. Lightspeed was great during this process, they met with me on several occasions to hash out the document, which admittedly was very basic, included contributions from a few members from my team and was not in any way technical. Ashley and his team were able to understand the requirements my team had listed and then interpret them on a coding level to ensure that all expectations were met. Ashley also kept a particularly keen eye on the design of the website ensuring that it was in line with the magazine’s brand identity. The team was great at keeping us updated throughout the process and talking us through each step, also explaining the implications of each tweak and change and offering alternative, often easier, solutions to our queries.