Chances are you’ve made a booking online recently for either a hotel, flight or even an appointment or restuarant reservation. You can book almost everything online these days, and as consumers of this convenience we are all playing our part in shaping, changing and evolving how this is presented. If you are running an online booking website, or would like to, we’ve compiled this list of pitfalls which we help our clients to avoid when building bookings websites for them.

 Poor design

We’ve already mentioned this in one of our previous post on eCommerce pitfalls, but we can’t stress this enough. Poor design will negatively affect how your user interacts with your website. Good design does not have to be flashy or grand, it just needs to make sense for your users, your brand and your product. It should allow your users undistracted access to your bookable product or service ensuring that your visitors have a painless and easy experience when using your website. With so many users on mobile its also essential that your bookings website is mobile friendly.
At LightSpeed we love designing beautiful and functional websites. We carefully consider your brand, your audience and your products before we custom design a solution for your business. We’ll make sure your site is responsive and looks and works great on mobile devices.

 Poor quality images

Again this was mentioned in our previous post on eCommerce pitfalls, but I feel it’s particularly relevant to booking websites as well. People are visual creatures and will make decisions based on how something looks. Make sure that you have good quality images no matter what type of bookable product you are selling. If you are selling accommodation for instance, ensure that you have good, honest images for every room, as well as the public areas. Don’t get carried away with your photoshop skills either, by all means make your images look great, but always keep it honest.
LightSpeed will review and advise you on your product imagery, sizes, file types. If you don’t have great images and have the budget for it we’d advise that you enlist the services of a professional photographer. A photographer will be able to enhance your products and highlight the features you most want to showcase.

 Poor content

When making a booking people want to find out about the details. How many rooms do you have? What’s included in my booking? How long is an appointment? Try to back up the visual elements of your bookable products with great content that is both informative, well written and easy to understand.
We’ll help you to deliver the details your users need to make an informed choice to book with you and preemptively answer any questions they may have.

No email confirmations and reminders

Keep your customers in the loop with regular and relevant notifications.
We’ll help you to automate and manage this process with follow up emails, booking reminders, pdf emails and more. We’ll also personalize these emails with your companies branding and colour scheme.

 No reviews

Showing feedback and reviews from your customers can have a massive impact on creating trust and increasing the likelihood of a purchase. You work hard for those great reviews so let people know about them.
With our LSX Theme and WooCommerce your customers can can leave and read reviews increasing the trust factor.

 Not enough payment options

Offer your users plenty of payment options. There are so many ways to pay that it just makes sense to have as many options as are relevant to your target market.
We can recommend the best options and payment gateways for a smooth checkout process.


When setting up a bookings website there will be many other pitfalls to watch out for depending on your specific niche. There are many similarities from our previous two posts on Subscriptions and eCommerce pitfalls so be sure to read those as well. We recently created a range of Bookings Website Packages to help our clients navigate some of the challanges of setting up a bookings website and we hope you’ll consider them for your next upgrade or new startup.