Before taking the leap of choosing a tour operator to take them on the “Journey of a Lifetime!®” or some other lofty promise, prospective clients will want to know who they’re dealing with, and why they should trust them. This is especially the case with travel in and around Africa, as many view it as adventure travel where there is an element of risk or danger involved, like getting up close and personal with a pride of lions.

One way of achieving this is by having pages dedicated to building credibility and trust. You can separate these pages or put them under one section – it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s on your site and it’s easy to find.

Our Tour Operators plugin offers up more ways to increase your users’ trust. We’ve included modules for Reviews, for Team Members of the Tour Operation business to be added with personal profiles, and Vehicles with information about each vehicle used in a provider’s’ tours.

Bragging rights

It’s a good idea to put widgets on your homepage for recognised trust ambassadors like Tripadvisor and and any other accommodation or trip review services, that show your claimed listing and its associated ratings and reviews.

Southern Destinations utilise a widget in their site’s header that shows off their positive reviews on Trust Pilot, a review service that has rather stringent application rules (you need to have sufficient reviews to apply), but makes for quite a feather in the cap, especially with all 5 star reviews.


Aside from having reviews from established companies on your site, it’s also a good idea to host reviews on a reviews or testimonials page. The Reviews module in our Tour operators plugin allows reviews to be linked to other post types on your site, such as tours, destinations and accommodations. This allows you to make the best use of what your previous clients’ have to say, promoting it right there on the tour or destination that they’re talking about, rather than having them only displayed on a single “Reviews” page.

Showcasing your staff

Having friendly faces on your site goes a long way to building trust with your prospective clients. Our Tour Operators plugin has a Team Members module, which allows your business’s staff to be added as Team Members each with their own profile which can then be associated with specific destinations and tours. That way, a friendly face is associated with the location: the face of the person who will be curating the travellers experience in a given destination. Each team member‘s profile page is a space where you can share a tagline, contact details, the team member’s designation and other trust factors, like how many years they’ve spent in a specific area.

Tools of the trade

This is where you’ll tout your awesome facilities and any additional credentials to build credibility and trust. It’s important to use photos along with your description, too.

Our LSX Tour Operators plugin makes it easy to showcase your vehicles that are used throughout your tours. It’s a custom post type that allows you to specify


Social Proof

People will turn to social media after finding your business online to find out what others’ experience of your tours were. Be sure to have a fully optimized Facebook page – this is the largest and most important network to engage with your clients on, but also consider Twitter, as well as Instagram and Pinterest for their visually oriented content, which your tours are perfectly suited for!

Your potential clients are going to make large investments with a company to provide them with their dream journey. We’ve shown you how to give them some proof that you’re the tour operators to go with. Have some good tips of your own? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.