Using Photos Effectively on a Tour Operator Website

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so when you’re planning the content for your website, give your due diligence to the type and quantity of images you’re going to be using on your tour operator website.

What photos to use

Never underestimate the power of high-resolution photos to promote your tour offerings. Each of your tour products should have at least 5 eye-catching photos to entice future travellers. These could be of the scenery, the destinations, the accommodations, as well as the people on your tour enjoying themselves.


Keep in mind that you’ll want a mix of photos both with and without people in them. Photos with people help prospective travellers to picture themselves in those photographed peoples’ shoes. Photos without people in them are generally more scenic and gives the destinations on your tour a chance to speak for themselves.

Dedicated gallery page

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Having photographs throughout the website that catch your users’ eyes is one thing, but don’t forget to create a specific page of your website that is just for showing off your photos. Your offerings are very visually-oriented and as such, a gallery serves to get your prospective clients excited to experience your tours before they have even started planning their trip. It’s a good way to set expectations and get people picturing themselves on one of your tours.

Photographing your facilities


Don’t forget to include photographs of your facilities and transportation vehicles. As a main aspect of a tour is the actual travelling from A to B to C (and further), you’l want to build trust with your future travellers by showing them the kind of luxury and safety they can expect when going on a tour with you.

Connecting with Wetu

You can make your job of adding photos to the accommodations throughout your tour far easier by integrating with the Wetu supplier content database. It’s a database of accommodations and associated libraries of imagery (as well as text content, virtual tours and more, depending on how much data that accommodation provider has loaded to Wetu) which you are free to use for your tour offerings as long as you are a paying Wetu customer.

Our Wetu Importer does a great job of grabbing all the content that’s available for each accommodation on Wetu – why not use it to expedite the process of adding great accommodation imagery to your Tour Operator website?