Tour Operators: Showing off a Tour Guide

Tour Operators: Showing off a Tour Guide

Going on an African Safari is an adventure, but not one that a traveller can do on their own. The guide is an integral part of any tour experience, and so it’s essential that the guides you employ in your tour operator business are well displayed on your company’s website. When featuring your guides, make sure that you highlight some of the characteristics that you feel would make your guests feel at ease on their tour, such as:


Travelers will be arriving for their tour departures on time and they will expect their guides to do the same. Make sure that your guides are punctual and that you let your future travelers know so.


Guides have to work with a range of people from all ages and cultures and backgrounds, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re there to have fun, it’s only natural the guide is fun and friendly too!


The best tours are the ones where you leave with more than just photographs: you go home knowing more about the world, and the people and cultures in it.  Your tour guide should be able to provide your travellers with accurate, interesting information about the area, it’s history, so be sure to promote your guides’ knowledge when featuring them on your website.


Your tour guide will have to handle a variety of difficult situations, especially in the African bush. These situations can range from the socially uncomfortable (family arguments on holiday, anyone?) to actual danger (elephaaant!) – so you need someone who is able to stay composed and calm under pressure. Highlight your guides’ composure!


A tour guide who can speak several languages is a huge asset to a tour operator company. It adds a sense of comfort, familiarity and security for your travellers from foreign countries who do not speak the native language of the area the tour is in – and this counts for most of them.

How to promote a Tour Guide on a Tour Operator Website

We’ve developed the Tour Operator plugin for WordPress. It allows you to feature content like accommodations, destinations and tours (with day to day itineraries, maps, galleries and more). Another feature that the Tour Operator plugin comes with is the Team module. It allows you to create profiles for your Tour Guides and feature them all on a “Team” page. These Guides can then also be connected to particular Tours so that they are displayed on that Tour’s page, or connect them to destinations to list them as Experts on the area.

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