With WooCommerce Bookings, you can now sell not only date based bookings on your WooCommerce website, but also time based bookings. It’s the perfect selling tool for anyone who wants to offer appointments, services or rentals.
What’s more, WooCommerce Bookings is easy to use. Simply add a new product type – in this case, a bookable product – and you’re given a range of booking features that allow you to set up your booking.

WooCommerce Bookings features

Below are some of the excellent features you get with WooCommerce Bookings.

Booking duration

With this handy WooCommerce extension, you can set up booking time slots so that you can sell time based bookings. Use fixed blocks to create fixed time slots that specify set booking durations. Or use customer defined blocks to allow customers to decide how long they want their booking to be.

Max bookings per block

An extremely useful feature, max bookings per block lets you limit the amount of bookings that customers can make. For instance, if you had a fixed booking for a full day, you could set the limit to 3, allowing 3 bookings per day.

View and Filter bookings

View all of your bookings easily in either a list format or on a virtual calendar. View them by month or see all of your bookings for the day. You can even filter your bookings by specific date, by the product/service which has been booked, or by status (confirmed or unconfirmed). And if you want to search for a specific booking, there’s also a search bar.

 Bulk booking status updates

Instead of leaving you to update booking statuses one by one, WooCommerce Bookings allows you to edit the statuses of multiple bookings in one step. After using the filter tool to find the bookings you want to change, use bulk actions such confirm bookings, unconfirm bookings or cancel bookings to change each one’s status at once. Quick and simple.


In this post, I only touched on some of the features of WooCommerce Bookings. In the following post, I’ll be looking at more ways that this plugin can help you sell time and date based bookings online. To read more about WooCommerce Bookings in the meantime, head to WooThemes.