WooCommerce Free Shipping gives your customers access to free shipping when they place an order. In this blog post, I’ll tell you more about this feature.

How WooCommerce Free Shipping works

The Free Shipping functionality will need some configuration before it can be used. In your WooCommerce settings you will be able to tick the “Enable Free Shipping” box. This will enable the feature.
Next you will need to decide if you would like to restrict free shipping to certain countries. When you choose the option “Specific Countries”, you will be able to select multiple qualifying countries.
woocommerce free shipping
Furthermore you can configure conditions for free shipping. For example, let’s say you would like to award free shipping to customers with an order total of R250.00 or more. You will be able to choose the setting called “A minimum order amount (defined below”). Then you would insert “250” in the “minimum order amount field” and all orders R250.00 or over will receive free shipping.
Another way of giving a user access to free shipping is through using a coupon. In your WooCommerce settings you can set up a specific coupon with free shipping. At checkout, the customer will need to enter a valid coupon code to receive free shipping.
Additionally, you can choose to enable a condition where a user can either reach the minimum purchase amount or use a coupon. In this case, when a customer uses a coupon, the minimum amount will be ignored. You can also set a condition where both the coupon and minimum amount is required.


WooCommerce Free Shipping is a very helpful feature that is built into the core WooCommerce software. Before WooCommerce 2.0, free shipping was allowed either by coupon or minimum amount, but not both. Now you have a little more flexibility by combining the two methods.