WooCommerce Product Finder is an advanced search tool for WooCommerce websites. The extension allows online shoppers to find a product they’re looking for quickly. This is done by allowing them to search for items by any combination of product categories or attributes. In addition, it includes a text search and a price slider.

How The Wren Design uses WooCommerce Product Finder

The Wren Design is a WooCommerce store selling uniquely designed bags. The owner, Wrendren, needs to find an easy way to allow her customers to find products. For this, she uses WooCommerce Product Finder.
Firstly, she needs to set up and edit the Product Finder. Therefore, Wendren goes to the WooCommerce Settings Catalog in the backend of her WordPress site. Once there, she scrolls down to Product Finder. Here, she selects which product criteria (categories and attributes) appear as options in the Product Finder. She also chooses which criterion will be selected by default when the Product Finder loads.
Now that she’s configured the settings, she displays the Product Finder by adding the WooCommerce Product Finder widget to a suitable widgetised area of her website. Using the widget settings, she can set the criteria made available to shoppers.
Once set up, the Product Finder displays on the front end of the website like this:

For developers using WooCommerce Product Finder

If you’re a developer with coding skills, you have the option to use the shortcode called [woocommerce_product_finder] to embed the Product Finder in a page or post. The Product Finder will display with the options chosen in the settings panel if the shortcode is used on its own without any parameters.
To add parameters to the shortcode, you can use the following:

  • use_category, which can be either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
  • search_attributes, which is a comma-separated list of the slugs of all the attributes that will be included in the Product Finder form.

For example, the following shortcode shows a Product Finder form that includes the product category and only shows the size and colour attributes as options:
[woocommerce_product_finder use_category="yes" search_attributes="size, colour"]
If you have PHP coding skills, you can also display WooCommerce Product Finder using the template tag, woocommerce_product_finder(), or the following action hook: do_action('woocommerce_product_finder' ). You can add parameters to both of these using use_category and search_attributes.
For more information, check out the WooCommerce Product Finder documentation.


WooCommerce Product Finder is the perfect search tool for e-commerce websites. It allows users to quickly and easily find the product they’re looking for with just one search.