The Challenge

For a long time client of ours, Cover Publications, we had to undertake a massive subscriptions export and import of their magazine subscribers when redeveloping their website.

WooCommerce Subscriptions to the Rescue

A subscriber list of several thousand members with different membership plans was previously managed manually by them, and it was a perfect fit for the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension to handle. It let their subscribers subscribe to Cover’s publication and other services and pay in different installments depending on the subscription packages that we had configured.
Memberships is another extension for WooCommerce that works hand in hand with the Subscriptions extension. With the Memberships extension, Memberships are set up (which restrict access to certain content – in this Case Cover’s digital magazine) to which users can Subscribe to (using the Subscription extension).

The Import & Export

In order to import the several thousand subscriptions properly into the correct subscription packages with all the right variables imported into the myriad fields and options, we first needed to create “dummy” subscriptions for each of the different kind ofs of Memberships that Cover offers. Having done that, we exported the users in their different subscription types using the Order/Customer CSV Export Extension for WooCommerce.

We then needed to trim down the .csv file that it output as it had far too many columns for fields of data that were not relevant to these subscribers (i.e. alternate delivery addresses, business addresses, social profiles, etc). With the .csv trimmed down to containing just the necessary information for each different subscriber type, we then provided the client with that .csv file as a template in which they should provide us with their different subscriber lists. Corresponding Memberships were set up and Subscribers accordingly imported.
Cover now have a digitized version of their enormous subscriber list that gets automatically updated when new users subscribe to their services.