The new WordPress 3.0 menu system was inspired by WooThemes. Earlier this year WooThemes introduced WooNav, their own Custom Navigation admin page, that enables you to build your own navigation without touching any code. It was originally rolled out with four of their (then) newly released themes, before becoming a standard feature in all WooThemes.

The guys at WordPress stood up and took notice, and the menu system was absorbed and released as part of the new features in WordPress 3.0.

But what does it do? WordPress 3.0 Menus allow the user to create multiple menus that can include any category, page or link they choose, using a simple drag and drop system.

WP Custom Menu

With the WooThemes custom navigation now incorporated into the WordPress core, it seems redundant for WooThemes to still include WooNav in their themes. The WooFramework does give you the option of toggling between the WooNav functionality or the WordPress Menu’s functionality, and it’s continued support is probably to the benefit of those lost souls that still haven’t upgraded to WordPress 3.0

The benefit of using WordPress 3.0 custom menus over WooNav, is that with WordPress Menu’s individual id’s are assigned to the menu items, making it far easier to style them. In WooThemes the menu items were held in an unordered list.

To create a WordPress menu, simply drop this line of code into any WordPress theme file, and you are good to go:

WordPress 3.0 Menu code 


To start using WordPress Menu’s you simply need to activate them from the Appearance > Menus tab, and it will replace the WooNav functionality. However, be aware that you will need to re-create your menu if you switch.

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  1. James

    I found the new menu in 3.0 very easy to use – I think you’re right. WooNav will still be available for a while for those who haven’t gone 3.0. For example, my work blog is still 2.9, and likely will be for another year.

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